Links to online papers

Here are links to my key papers online:

Causal Set Theory and the Origin of Mass-ratio

Quantum theory is reconstructed using standalone causal sets. The frequency ratios inherent in causal sets are used to define energy-ratios, implicating the causal link as the quantum of action. Space-time and its particle-like sequences are then constructed from causal links. A 4-D time-lattice pattern is defined and used to model neutrinos and electron clouds, which together constitute our 4-D manifold. A 6-D time-lattice is used to model the nucleons. The integration of the nucleus with its electron cloud allows calculation of the mass-ratio of the proton (or the neutron) with respect to the electron. Arrow diagrams, along with several ball-and-stick models, are used to streamline the presentation.

The Adequacy of Language for Finite Domains of Reference  — The paper above summarizes the logic and language underpinning the reduction of physics to temporal succession.  It was written for a Whitehead conference held in Salzburg in 2006.

Challenging the Assumptions that Conflict with Causal Set Theory  It’s my best general summary of causal set theory.

One thought on “Links to online papers

  1. I was just reading (first read / quick note) the “Causal Set Theory and the Origin of Mass-ratio” paper on vixra when I noticed:

    “Time Dilation –
    On this theory, the “slowdown of time” is the origin of gravity, rather than a side-effect
    of General Relativity. ”

    The connection between time and gravity is something that I always found fascinating. I look forward to your work — and brushing-up on my science and maths — thank you.


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