CAREYpictureI’m a former student of Grover Maxwell in philosophy of science.  In my much-belated “thesis for Grover,” written long after he had passed away, I employed arrow diagrams to explain the event ontology shared by Russell and Whitehead.  Among the simplest diagrams, I noticed the innocent fact that temporal succession can form frequency ratios!  These ratios, by virtue of Planck’s E=hf, afford the definition of energy ratios and their quantum.  This means that the diagrams of temporal succession are quantum schematics, with each arrow denoting a quantum of action and a unit of energy ratios.  Further diagram constructions have met with unreasonable success in the reconstruction of quantum theory.  Consequently, we are compelled to Whitehead’s view that the natural world is comprised of transitory moments of experience engaged in temporal/causal succession.  The purpose of this website is to share these simple discoveries, with the aim of short-circuiting today’s overly-complicated physics, and dispelling the view of an insentient  universe– a conception, in Whitehead’s phrase, of “vacuous actuality.”

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